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3 tips for changing a kitchen faucet with sprayer

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Your tap is leaking and you are thinking of changing it. But since it has a sprayer, you prefer to call in a professional to avoid any risks. But did you know that you can do it yourself? Replacing a kitchen faucet with a sprayer is not as difficult as it sounds. Find out in this article how to do it.

Buy a suitable replacement tap

First you need to think about choosing your new kitchen faucet. There are different models on the market. As your tap has a sprayer, if you look closely, you will notice four small holes. If not, you will see a large hole and next to it another separate opening for the sprayer. If you want to know more interesting information, look at this now. Also, buy the model that best suits your kitchen countertop. Some faucet models have plastic parts. Although they cost less, they are not highly recommended, as they wear out quite quickly.

Remove the old tap and replace it with the new one

Once you have purchased your new tap, you can start work. Make sure you have all the tools you need at hand. Here are the tools you will need: • A basin spanner; • A spanner; • A supply hose; • Bucket ; • A stitch; • Plumber's putty. Once these pieces of equipment are ready, remove the old tap after turning off the water. There is no need to remove the drain lines at this stage. But if you do, you need to make sure you remember every step you took during removal.

Connect the water pipes using braided hoses

The final step is to use the braided hoses to attach the water pipes. Use your spanners to tighten the ends (hot and cold power line). Place the bucket under the sink. Then turn on the water from each water source to flush out any particles. Once the pipes have been cleaned, make sure the water is turned off before connecting the ends of the supply pipe to the tap. Tighten with your spanner. Then pull the sprayer hose through the opening in the counter.