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Customizing the iframe of a time lapse project

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In order to dedicate your time lapse project to time lapse, you may want to add it to your web platform. Whether you want it to be a panorama montage, or even a photo list, etc... You can access links from the iframe as a whole and modify them if you wish. So one question is how to make your iframe personal through your links? The rest of this article will give you an answer.

 How to change the size of the iframe? 

 The iframe can be very easily made personal through the embed password. Most of the time, when a gallery is shielded with an iframe, there is a bar for scrolling. This bar is by default when the gallery is bigger than the iframe concerned. In order to avoid this, there are options that can be used to easily adjust the iframe. There are two options. The first one is to change the dimensions of the iframe. That is, the width and the height to match the gallery. This will be achieved by changing the numbers of the dimensions and also the code. Go to Enlaps for a lot more understanding and illustration. It is also possible to remove the scroll bar and border.

 Customise the iframe  

You can customize the iframe by changing several things. You can act on the colour, the viewer, hide the download buttons, change the language. For the colour, you can choose the one you like through principles. You can also choose the kind of viewer you want through the instructions. It is also possible to make the download buttons invisible. The language can also be chosen according to the one you know best.