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Four steps to properly install a mirror in the shower

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Installing a mirror in a bathroom has remained for a very long time, and is very trendy. It is a thoughtful choice, given its necessity in this place. It is easy to place and can be done when you know the right procedure. According to the experts, there are four steps to place the mirror in his bathroom. Let's find out these steps to better place the mirror.

Preparing the operation area

For the realization of a project to install a mirror in the bathroom, it is useful to have some knowledge beforehand, first of all not to hurt yourself and also not to fail well. Here is the reference for good advice on how to best install a mirror in the shower. The least you can do is to have the right tools such as: screwdriver, pencil, measuring tape, stripper. For its own protection, it is necessary to think about protection for hearing, and protective gloves, respiratory masks, and glasses. Logically, the mirror is chosen according to your preferences. In addition, it is important to select a mode of anchoring from a wall hook, a mounting rail, an adhesive mount, or a simple installation bracket.

Wall bracket attachment

Here, to fix the mirror, you need at least 20 cm between the mirror and the sink. But before that, you need to put the brackets if it is a lighted mirror. It is advisable to turn off the meter by jumping the circuit breaker to be safer. Then start drilling on the tile binding point, then put the dowels.

Effectiveness of electrical connection

This step is mandatory for the illuminating mirror. In the box, you need to check the voltage by first connecting the ''green-yellow'' wire. Then the blue, which is neutral and finally either the red, brown or black.

Putting the glass on the wall brackets

This is the time to put the classic mirror on the brackets, tightening the screws. But for the illuminating mirror, you still need to analyze the condition of the power supply, so you can test it once installed. And here is a mirror rightly installed.