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How does Eric Minoli support companies towards digital transformation?

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A very experienced entrepreneur in the field of digital media, Eric Minoli is the leader of a company specializing in the digital transformation of companies. To satisfy the latter, he uses quite practical and simple methods to boost their commercial potential. What are the strategies that Eric Minoli uses in the context of a digital transformation? Discover them in a succinct way in the next lines of the article here.

Contributes to the achievement of the company's vision

In the process of digital transformation, the first objective of Eric Minoli is to provide support to companies for the realization of their vision. For this, he first works on the implementation of a modern strategic management project and then proceeds to the delivery of measurable plans designed by himself. In the same vein, the boss of Calimero Consulting develops process engineering for companies, plans the management of the structure and then finds the right communication strategy.

Assists the company in choosing the right technology

In today's world, technology is evolving quite rapidly and trends are changing rapidly. And, business leaders do not necessarily have the necessary skills to navigate. Eric Minoli's work here therefore consists in evaluating the technological deficiencies of the structure in order to then develop solutions to remedy them. It guides entrepreneurs in choosing AI and other innovative technologies suitable for data management. After that, he will ensure that the technologies adopted really contribute to the progress of the company.

Completes the transformation of the company

Following the two previous steps, the last is to finalize the digital transformation of the company. To achieve this, Eric Minoli through Calimero Consulting plays an advisory role throughout the process. He meticulously analyzes the technological applications adopted for the occasion and ensures their functionality. These digital solutions put in place must obviously be in line with the essential trends for the business change initiated.