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How to avoid a stroke?

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It is very good to be in good physical condition. Thus one does not flourish by living sick. Some diseases can therefore affect the man. We will speak here about the stroke of the men. This disease is at the origin of several daily evils. Then how this disease rages and how to avoid it. We will talk about it below.

How does stroke manifest itself ?

The cerebral vascular accident (AVC), still often called "attack", occurs when there is an interruption of the blood circulation towards or in the brain by a blocked blood vessel (ischemic AVC the most frequent) or by a broken blood vessel (hemorrhagic AVC), in less than 15% of the cases. It is a very serious pathology that can cause death. It is most favored by certain factors. We can mention: age, heredity, history of stroke or TIA, high blood pressure not controlled by treatment. Other heart diseases, atrial fibrillation, favor the formation of clots, smoking or also worries and troubles.

It is manifested by general signs such as weakness on one side of your body, numbness or tingling in the face in the arms or legs, difficulty speaking or not understanding someone. There is also a deformation of the mouth, an impossibility to smile, the face is degraded with the lips on one side, a general fatigue or a local paralysis. But it can be cured.

How to heal from stroke?

It is possible to recover completely from a stroke without any after-effects, but it is necessary to intervene very quickly. Each minute that passes corresponds to 2 million neurons less. It is thus necessary to go very quickly.

The first method is the injection of a product to dissolve the clot. This method is only effective in the first 4-5 hours after the start of the stroke. A second, more recent therapeutic response is thrombectomy. Anti-platelet drugs are also prescribed for ischemic stroke. They prevent the platelets in the blood from clogging the blood vessels and therefore the clots from forming. This can be aspirin given in specific doses, or other medications.