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How to proceed effectively to protect your brand and your business in China?

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In business, there are those who are counterfeit and those who are legal. In the market, you can see the exact copy of your products and your brand. In China, this is very common, as there are a lot of companies. However, if you don't want to see your brand duplicated in the market, you should protect it by following these guidelines. 

Having a patent

When you have creative ideas, the first thing to do in China is to patent your products, click this to find out more. Patenting your ideas and products would mean protecting your business in the market. It involves applying to the national intellectual property office in China and your patent will be granted. With this document, you have the right to sue any other company that tries to copy your ideas and products. With this strategy, your business is well protected and remains unique. 

Getting your copyright

To protect your business in China, you must have your copyright. This document is not compulsory, especially since you already have your patent, but it is always an additional protection. Copyright is granted to companies that create their own brands and products. Copyright represents a barrier for other companies who no longer have the possibility to use your marketing tools. Should this happen, you have the right to claim a fee for this use against your will. 

Choose your own brand

In order to establish yourself in the field of entrepreneurship, you need to have your own brand. In fact, this is the second step after choosing the content of your existence. The brand represents your logo and highlights your services. Through your brand, customers can easily recognise you. This is why it is advisable to create a well thought-out brand. To achieve this, you should consult the list of existing trademarks to avoid copy and paste.