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How to satisfy a blonde woman sexually?

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Would you like to be an extraordinary lover and have your girlfriend fly to heaven every day in your arms? Start by asking her what she likes! There are some "basic" techniques, such as sensual foreplay, changing positions and a few naughty words, but obviously you both need to be comfortable. It is important to know your body, accept your desires and forget about religious, cultural or social taboos.

Don't underestimate foreplay

Foreplay has a magical effect. They can turn a boring experience into an extraordinary night of intense and unforgettable love making. To find out more you can check here. To reach supreme ecstasy, women usually need exciting foreplay, that's no secret... However, it varies according to their preferences. It may be subtle caresses on the sofa, watching a porn movie. Your girlfriend may love it when you blindfold her and then kiss her all over her body, tie her up and then do a sensual striptease, give her a sensual massage, perform cunnilingus, masturbate side by side. Experiment and see what turns her on the most. Foreplay doesn't have to last forever. If she is comfortable with her body and already feels desired, a few minutes may be enough. Foreplay helps to build desire, so your girlfriend's vagina will start to get wet, making penetration easier and more pleasurable.

Try different positions

If you don't like one position, forget it and try another. Having sex in the same position all the time and always in bed can quickly become boring...Ask her what she'd like to try or tell her to do something specific, for example "Put your legs around my neck. "Change the pace, try to feel what she's experiencing and let her guide you. Sexual positions are the spice of sexual life. To enhance your sex life you need to vary the positions to really enjoy and fulfil yourself.