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The benefits of a chatbot for your small or medium business

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Chatbots are now increasingly present in our daily lives. All large companies have chatbots, often in the form of animated characters or simply dialogue boxes where customers and potential customers can ask questions. Chatbots today can be used for a variety of tasks, for example to facilitate sales or payments. Read more.

Automating customer service

Chatbots are mainly used to answer users' questions or to help them find specific information. For more information, browse around this site. If a customer has a more complex problem that the chatbot cannot solve, the chatbot will refer them to the appropriate department. Chatbots can also be used to welcome customers and direct them through a series of questions to information available online (FAQs) or directly to the appropriate department that can answer their questions. Chatbots thus take on secondary roles and give employees more time for more creative or valuable activities.

Increased sales

Your customers can order directly through the chatbot. They don't have to call you or spend a lot of time looking for information on your website. All they need to do is ask what they need and the chatbot will find it for them. This makes the sales process easier and faster and greatly improves the customer experience. In addition, the chatbot can suggest other products that may be of interest to the customer or potential customer, leading to additional sales that otherwise would not have taken place.

It can influence purchase decisions

You can turn a chatbot into a personal assistant. A chatbot interacts with potential customers and asks them questions to find out their preferences, offers personalized advice and suggests products they may like. Each shopper thus gets their own personal shopping assistant at no additional cost of time and money.

Never stress

Customer service is no easy task. Dealing with angry, annoyed or even irritated customers on a daily basis can lead to mental exhaustion. Stressed employees perform worse, which can affect customer satisfaction and company reputation. Robots, unlike humans, do not have emotions. They can't handle pressure, they don't feel pressured, they don't get overwhelmed and they never get exhausted. Always provide customers with consistent, friendly and prompt responses, no matter what their questions are.