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Top 3 best games at 1win

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Casino games are going up in the world with the advent of online casinos. It's easy to lose or miss out on the most interesting ones if you're a beginner. Discover in this article the top 3 best online games at 1win.


Aviator is one of the best games you can find on 1win. To play it you just have to place a bet before the game starts and cash out your winnings with the cashout button during the game. You only lose if you don't collect your winnings after the crash.

Your winnings are equal to the bet amount multiplied by the coefficient. Although easy to play, aviator offers you an option to play in demo. This option allows you to practice without risking your capital. In fact, the people behind this game have set up this demo to allow all new players or beginners to understand how to play it before they start. Find out more about this game on aviator site.


The game of online roulette is a classic. It is very popular in the world of online gaming. The game consists of betting on a number that must be selected by the dealer for you to win. It is similar to the ball game. There are many techniques to succeed in online roulette to easily win several euros including the martingale.

Scratch card

Much less popular, the scratch card is much more interesting than it seems. Much simpler, it consists in drawing a card and scratching it to know immediately the outcome of the game. This is a very simple game to play and win.

This game saves you time and doesn't require much mastery in the art of online gaming. Moreover, you are able to win a jackpot of several hundred dollars with just ten dollars. Don't hesitate to try your luck

Now you know the best online games at 1win. Don't forget to work on your psychology before you start.