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Visit Grenoble, the Destinations Not to Be Missed

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Grenoble is today a destination of choice for tourists who wish to visit France in depth. Home to many interesting and attractive monuments, this city welcomes thousands of tourists. What are the attractions not to be missed during a visit to Grenoble? More details in this article.

The Collegiate Church of Saint André

You can 
visit Grenoble in the Alps. Built for centuries, this building is nowadays the second largest church in Grenoble. Designed by architects with extraordinary talents, this building has unique features that make it stand out from the competition. Being built in another century, it has features that are no longer found on buildings today. One of the main features of this church is its large bell that can be heard in a good part of the city when it rings. All these features make tourists love to visit this attraction. They can't help but admire the nave, transept and flat chevet associated with the building.

The Incredible South Pole Ice Rink 

Built on two ice platforms, the South Pole ice rink also attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. In this sense, this space is a place of attraction and education. Thanks to the infrastructure present on the premises, adults and children can practice skating in complete safety. Since it is a large space divided into two sections, it is very common to see skating competitions and tournaments. If you are lucky, you will also see the animations that take place on this rink. 

The Famous Victor Hugo Square

What would Grenoble be without this iconic square? Indeed, this square is the pride of the inhabitants of this city. Every day, hundreds of tourists and passers-by stop here to contemplate the sober but original architectural masterpiece offered by this square. When you go to this square, you can admire the landscape all around with an excellent panoramic effect.