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What to know about international tax optimisation?

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To better limit the tax burden, many entrepreneurs have only to optimize their international taxation. The goal is to put in place strategies, arrangements or schemes. They must comply with the rules of international tax law. In addition to entrepreneurs, individuals are also concerned.

How to optimize the international tax situation?

The science of international tax optimisation must necessarily be customised. As a result, any tax optimization strategy implemented by companies providing support services, such as ICD Fiduciaries, will necessarily have to be customized according to two main factors. These include the profile of the person who contributes to public office by paying taxes and the objective. The standardised international tax optimisation schemes which can be reproduced from one head of enterprise or from one individual to another therefore do not exist if the conditions of these taxpayers differ and need to be taken into account not only for personalisation, but also for the validation of the optimization scheme.

What is the risk of the tax audit?

All the measures taken for a legal reduction in income tax do not remain without impact, particularly on the risk of tax audits. In other words, the administration in charge of taxation is very vigilant with regard to the implementation of international strategies. Why is that? The goal is to prevent international schemes from causing tax evasion schemes. It should be noted that international tax law has an incalculable number of measures allowing each one to considerably limit the tax advantages that can be useful to a company internationally. Moreover, it is possible to avoid a penalty to your company if and only if it operates internationally. We must refer to tax lawyers for reliable and secure support.