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What to know about web application development?

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Web application development is an alternative way to make all the information of an application accessible through your browser. What should you know about mobile application development? Discover necessary information about mobile application development on this page. This article presents you with the essential information to have about web application development.

What is a web application?

A web application is a version of a web page that has usually been optimized by a development team. This allows for use from your cell phone. Thus, it is adaptable to any device. There are a few criteria that differentiate a web application from other types of applications. Go to https://swisstomato.ch/en/ for more information. First of all, web applications use a unique development for any device, and you only need to download them. In fact, the application is hosted on a server, and you can access it from a browser. Secondly, web applications appear as results in traditional search engines. In addition, they can be accessed from any browser.

What are the different types of web applications and how they work?

We distinguish a panoply of web applications. These are classified according to their presentation and the content they are to display. Static type applications display little information, and usually it does not change much. The mobile objects are displayed in the web application, and they are developed in CSS and HTML. A dynamic web application is much more complex. It makes use of databases to load content. Moreover, the contents are updated every time you access your web application. Nevertheless, e-commerce or e-shop type web applications integrate a development that resembles that of an e-commerce or m-commerce. Its development is more complicated, because it allows an electronic payment method by your credit card.